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An inspiring chalet for your codir seminar

An inspiring location such as a chalet in the mountains can help stimulate the strategic thinking of a management committee in several ways. Find out how a cabin seminar can offer a break a little out of time, conducive to emulation and the generation of innovative ideas.

Pointe de sel accompanies you to organize your tailor-made and turnkey codir seminar and offer you a unique and memorable experience.

The calm and warm environment of a chalet

A chalet located in the natural setting of the mountain offers a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere, away from the distractions and stresses of everyday life. This allows board members to focus fully on strategic discussions without outside interruptions, promoting deeper thinking and more informed decision-making.

Rest assured, the disconnection is always voluntary for the participants: our chalets are indeed all equipped with modern high-performance wifi access allowing the necessary fluid communications with the outside if necessary.

In addition, the chalets offer a warm and welcoming environment, with comfortable living spaces and facilities conducive to discussion and collaboration. I'friendly and informal atmosphere of a chalet can promote more open and sincere exchanges during the codir seminar, thus creating a climate conducive to strategic thinking and the expression of ideas.

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Codir seminar in a chalet

Select your cottage for your codir seminar with Pointe de sel.

A connection with nature

Being surrounded by nature can promote feelings of relaxation and openness. Stunning natural scenery, scenic views and fresh air can help free the mind and inspire new ideas. Proximity to nature can also encourage holistic thinking, taking environmental and sustainability aspects into account in strategic planning.

Why not take advantage of it, for example, to carry out during your seminar codir a climate fresco ? This participatory workshop makes your management committee aware of the impacts of global warming and thinks about concrete actions at the scale of your company to stem the phenomenon.

The mountain also makes it possible to experience rejuvenating outdoor experiences. A codir seminar can, for example, lead you to immerse yourself in all humility in the grandiose landscapes during a snowshoe hike or a walk around the discovery of the plants or fauna of the mountain. You can also share an invigorating rafting getaway or test your ability to master your balance on a via ferrata... These unforgettable and completely exotic experiences offer you very strong moments of disconnection and reconnection as a team.

A range of services adapted to the codir seminar

Pointe de sel offers chalets sufficiently spacious to offer both very pleasant common living spaces and all the privacy desired by the members of the management committee, with in particular each of the bedrooms en suite with bathrooms.

The chalets are also equipped with modern conveniences such as:

  • well-equipped meeting rooms for screenings or workshops or reflection,
  • relaxation areas, with in some chalets heated indoor pool, sauna, gym...
  • tasty catering services with local and seasonal products.

These facilities and services facilitate the holding of high-quality codir seminars, offer optimal comfort to participants and make it possible to combine efficiency and relaxation.

In conclusion: an inspiring codir seminar in a chalet

Thus, organizing a codir seminar in a chalet can offer an ideal setting to stimulate the strategic thinking of a management committee by creating an environment conducive to concentration, creativity, collaboration and relaxation.

The exceptional mountain setting, the warm chalets, combining authenticity and modernity, the connection to nature, and the revitalizing activities make the Codir seminar in a chalet an inspiring and unforgettable moment for your management committee.

Call on a professional from the codir seminar in a chalet in Savoie

Pointe de sel accompanies you for theorganization of your codir seminar in a chalet.

Let us know your objectives, the number of participants in your management committee, your wishes in terms of accommodation and activities. We take care of the organization of your codir seminar entirely or in co-construction with you or your teams.

With the status of travel agency approved by Atout France, Pointe de sel can organize your entire tailor-made mountain seminar, with all the services of accommodation, catering, activities, training, coaching, transport and all other desired services.

Pointe de sel also has Professional Liability insurance as well as a Financial Guarantee in accordance with the regulations in force.

Elise Turcaud
Elise Turcaud

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I created Pointe de sel to make you live an unforgettable experience in the most beautiful chalets of Savoie, whether during your family holidays or during a business seminar.

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